Alex userpicAlex, 13:19

+ The drug made for the problems with ED and for reducing the symptoms of the lower urinary tract, is compatible with alcohol. But remember, what is written in the instruction – no drug will not work, in the absence of a source of external sexual arousal.

Duration of reception for symptoms of the lower urinary tract, respectively, the price.

Ben userpicBen, 16:41

+ Highly effective drug to treat male sexual disorders, works well with a long term admission, there is evidence of a decrease in the frequency of heart attacks in men on the background of taking 5 mg of Cialis.

High cost … Unfortunately, there are a lot of generics on the market at a much lower price.

Garett userpicGarrett, 12:01

+ Very good drug, the best in its line. If compared with the group analogues, this drug has the longest action (36 hours), the action does not weaken with the intake of alcohol and fatty foods, convenient forms of release of the drug at 5, 20 and 100 mg, can be selected for any patient, from small to large !!

Bill userpicBill, 23:40

+ I am a doctor. The drug is very well tolerated by patients. Excellent for treating ED and lower urinary tract symptoms in benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Long-term use of “Cialis” in a dosage of 5 mg (more than 6 months) daily not only improves erectile function, but also improves urination.

Marc userpicMarc, 00:08

+ Cialis is the only drug from the IPE-5 that is included in the European Guideline for the treatment of lower urinary tract syndromes in the background of BPH. The drug justifies this appointment in practice. Its unusual property, as an inhibitor of Rho-kinase, opens up wide prospects for its administration to patients with HP.

Arnold userpicArnold, 12:04

+ A very convenient form of 5 mg and its purpose for long-term use. Appointment on demand is also effective. Positive experience with metabolic syndrome as part of complex treatment.

Dosage of 5 mg is not available in all pharmacies.

The price is high. Although considering the efficiency is quite acceptable.

Ben userpicBen, 13:43

+ The drug Cialis at a dosage of 5 mg, constant intake of the drug (more than a year) is tolerated remarkably, in rare cases, the arising side effects did not require drug discontinuation.

+ The effectiveness of the drug is beyond doubt, it not only affects erectile function, but the symptoms of the lower urinary tract in men tend to decrease, which is undoubtedly a plus. Cialis in a dosage of 5 mg is not a drug on demand, taking it regularly, the patient is always “ready”, which allows a man to live a full life without worrying about taking the drug in time – a magic tablet.

All userpicAll, 18:36

Since the drug for a constant intake, I would like more democratic prices.

Kim userpicKim, 19:11

+ I bought Cialis for my uncle. Previously, he was embarrassed to buy it himself. At 60 years changes are coming. He is a doctor himself, therefore before buying, he promorted all the information, from the composition and ending with the reviews. After all this monitoring, Cialis satisfied him. But all the enthusiasm began after the application. According to him, after taking the drug, the sensations become brighter and sharper, the duration of the sexual intercourse increases and the erection is stronger. He accepts it periodically. He advises friends. By the way, he liked the effect of Cialis more than from Viagra.

Marc userpicMarc, 23:59

+ Honestly I admit that I am wary of any artificial accelerators that promise an excellent effect without consequences. I always read from what the medicine is made. Tadalafil acts in Cialis. Negative feedback is not found, in general, I decided to try, because the problems have recently appeared.