Tips To Finally Help You Quit Smoking

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Quit smoking now

A scheme to quit smoking to be used by every smoker

Smoking is incredibly dangerous to your health. Its effects on life expectancy and lung cancer probability have been proven time and time again. Now, let’s talk about some of the thing that, hopefully, will help you quit smoking.

  1. Find a reason. If you really want to quit, you will need a very good reason to do so. Smoking is incredibly addictive. Do it for someone close to you, maybe for your kids. They would love for their parent to NOT die at the tender age of 40.
  2. Prepare yourself. Quitting cold turkey is a great idea. Suffering through withdrawal is not as great. You need to talk to a specialist, line up some things/pills/apps/whatever to help you out.
  3. Replace nicotine. You know there’s no shortage of nicotine products like gum or patches. Using them improves your chances of succeeding.
  4. Prescription medicine. There are some pills that make smoking feel awful and curb your nicotine cravings along the way. They also ease some of the withdrawal symptoms.
  5. Support. It’s incredibly important to ask for some help. Make sure your loved ones can give you the required encouragement.
  6. Find new ways to unwind. Smoking was your go-to relaxation method, now you feel like you’re on the edge all the time. Find some relaxation method that works for you – massage, scented candles, whatever you have to do.
  7. Do not drink. When you’re drunk, your brain makes these convincing arguments, all of a sudden. “One drag won’t hurt”, etc. Do try to avoid liquor at all costs. The same goes for other triggers.
  8. Never ever give up. Most people do not successfully quit after their first try. You have to try again. And again. The bottom line is: try until you quit.
  9. Find a hobby. An outdoorsy hobby would be perfect, because being physically fit and staying active helps a lot when it comes to nicotine cravings.
  10. Don’t be afraid to put on some weight. Sticking to a diet while you’re trying to quit smoking can lead to disastrous results. Too much deprivation can get you feeling depressed in no time.
  11. Come up with a reward system. One of the worst things about smoking, besides this whole dying-early part – how pricey it can get. You can buy something for yourself with all the money you have saved.
  12. Think of the health benefits. You will feel amazing, you will lower your chances of getting lung cancer.
  13. Chew. Smoking is an oral fixation, of sorts. You have to replace cigarettes with something, give your mouth something to do. The best (and the most popular) option – gum.
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