Woman’s Health Concerns


healthy happy women on field with sunriseThere is no shortage of conditions specific to women. Knowing is half of the battle, so we are going to talk briefly about some of the serious issues that are specific to women, so you can take steps to avoid these. We are also going to talk about conditions not specific to women. They are still incredibly dangerous.

Heart Issues

This is the biggest one. It’s the leading cause of death in both women and men. The worst thing about heart disease: many women experience different symptoms. When you think of these kinds of conditions, you think of chest pain, nausea, tiredness and the like. Many women do not experience any of these symptoms, so you always have to be on high alert regarding your heart. There are many risk factors, including being overweight, smoking, genetic predisposition, diabetes, drinking, etc. With every health concern that we list, we strongly suggest you do your research.

Breast Cancer

The most common type of cancer in women. Good news: there’s a lot of treatment for breast cancer, it’s not a death sentence. The risk factors are similar to the ones listed above, but there are some different ones as well – early menstruation and early menopause and not having children. There are many ways you can combat this kind of cancer, so once again – it is not a death sentence.


It’s preventable. You just need to make sure you get enough physical activity and do not suffer from calcium deficiency. The illness itself is not that life-changing, but it is still stressful. People suffering from osteoporosis have to endure back pain along with different kinds of pain in their joints.


According to the recent data, women are prone to depression. Hormonal changes can lead to a severe depression, along with some other risk factors, including chronic illness, life problems, drugs, recent illness, anxiety disorder. It’s worth pointing out that while the women tend to get depressed more often, the severity of their depressive episodes is not as serious as in males. Women are less prone to the depression-caused suicide, for example.

Autoimmune Diseases

There are some alarming numbers: approximately 76% of autoimmune diseases occur in women. There are many serious conditions in this category, including crippling diseases like lupus, MS, type 1 diabetes and various kinds of thyroid diseases. Unlike the aforementioned issues, this area hasn’t been researched quite as much, so there’s no sure-fire way to prevent these diseases, but staying healthy is a safe bet when it comes to reducing your risk.

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