Generic Tadacip



A preparation for the treatment of erectile dysfunction : The drug Tadacip is based on an active substance Tadalafil. It is also involved in another popular drug for potency – Cialis. Cialis refers to the original drug, and Tadacip – its generic. It is not patented, but its components are absolutely similar to Cialis drug. Therefore, both drugs have the same effects, side effects and contraindications. Tadacip can be used by everyone who wants to get as much pleasure as possible from intimate act. The erection appears at the most necessary moment.

The principle of action:

Sexual intercourse becomes impossible without a firm erection. No erection- no pleasure. In our time, many men have erectile dysfunction, which is an erection disorder. The main reason is the low quality of blood circulation. The substance tadalafil, which is the basis of this preparation, refers to inhibitors of phosphodiesterase type 5, and in simple terms, it increases the flow of blood to the genitals and the pelvic region. This causes an erection, so that’s the principle of the drug effect. Note that an erection after use is not intrusive, that is permanent. It appears at a time when you need it most. It allows you to strengthen natural sexual arousal.

Action time:

A tool for potency is the best one nowadays. The reason for such statements are the special features of the Tadacip effect. One pill effect (20 mg of tadalafil) lasts for 36 hours. Within a day and a half at any time you can safely engage in sexual contact, without worrying that the erection will not appear suddenly. The effect comes in 20 minutes after taking a pill. At one time, you can use not more than one tablet, the next one can be administrated only after the end of the previous one. On average one pill acts for one and a half days. Taking two pills at the same time can cause side effects.

Drinking alcohol does not affect the drug action.

Generic tadacip in 90% of cases can successfully cope with erectile dysfunction, it is compatible with the use of alcoholic beverages. Also, you can pay attention to a low price of it, because generics are always cheaper than originals.


So, this remedy can not be taken together with other agents for the treatment of impotence, donators of nitric oxide, nitrates. Diseases of the cardiovascular system, peptic ulcer, renal and hepatic insufficiency, genital deformity, priapism, myeloma, leukemia make Tadacip’s reception difficult or impossible. All details are best explained by the doctor.

Possible Side Effects:

Most often there are headaches and muscle pains, back pain, dizziness, fast heart rate. They pass relatively quickly and do not cause harm.

The price of the drug is affordable to most men. We hope that the product will bring only the best moments during the intimacy!